Fairy Town Challenge

Hello everyone! 
Here are some of the images For the Fairy Town challenge:

As a regular Clash Player I couldn’t resist entering this challenge. From the get-go I knew it would be quite a challenge to grasp the typical aesthetics of the games universe.
The first thing that came to my mind thinking of fairy was a young woman with wings, pointy ears, sparkly skin and an explosive temperament. Once the type of person was chosen I had to think about her attack. For that I thought about all the existing attacks and noticed a lot surrounding the typical elements fire, ice, earthquake, lightning... This led me to water a typical element that wasn’t really represented yet. I started with integrating the water concept in her clothes with wave patterns on them, there is a gold wire on them that in some lights mimics the moving light on waves.   I imagined she can summon a huge wave that pushes all enemies back, especially lightweight troops, a bit like the log. With the wave there would be a swarm of frogs appearing. The day before she would paint a spell on those frogs, this way the frogs can carry the different random spells right in the battle field when getting hit...  

I used advanced skeleton to rig this character in Maya.